Amazing, we have completed the 9th week of ‘Daily Word’. The support is steady and I am encouraged to continue for as long as God allows. The week was challenging and topics required long hours of research averaging 8 hours.

graphic for week 9

Due to time constraints I have not been able to add video to the messages, but will do so when time permits. I solicit your prayers that we stay in God’s will and do as He desires; not my will but your will Lord…

NOTE from Tim:

I would rather have a few who will take time to make use of my labor of love, i.e.,:
  1. Follow the links to the Bible studies, blogs or posts
  2. Take time to read and benefit from the information
Then to have a million like’s, +1’s, follows, pins, favorite”s, etc.

Do not get the wrong idea, I appreciate the like’s, +1’s, etc. but I speak for not only myself but for the millions of people who dedicate countless hours providing information… Continue to do the quick clicks, but please show us that you appreciate what we do by taking time to view it.”

Who loves you? The Lord does and so do I! PLEASE spend more time in the word of God.

Have a enjoyable and blessed weekend; be careful in the sun!

daily word

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