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What a week we had! Father we praise you for giving us wisdom and knowledge to complete another week of ‘Daily Word’; week fifteen. No one answers my questions but I will keep asking. Please somebody leave a comment at the end of the daily word page(s). Again, a very productive week, in addition to 7 new daily word postings:

  1. Added 7 posts to Former daily word – group four “Feeding Your Spirit”
  2. Created a new blog

We got a chance to get R&R for a day!

graphic for dw week 15

Looking forward to your comments!

As always, if you have questions about any of the topics and/or scriptures on our site, please do not hesitate to ask your spiritual leader / pastor or whatever title the person or people may use.

The other option is to email me: I urge you to pray for understanding before you begin studying the Bible and then trust God for the answers. God bless you in your desire to get to know him better!

Romans 6:12 (ERV) But don’t let sin control your life here on earth. You must not be ruled by the things your sinful self makes you want to do.

Who loves you? God does and so do I! —Tim

bible study

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