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graphic for daily word week17
The weeks are passing so-o quickly! Father I am grateful for blessing us to complete another week of ‘Daily Word’; week seventeen. Apparently no one has feedback; I hope someone is benefiting from my efforts :-).

A summary of Sound Truth Ministry’s Bible Studies:

  1. Daily Word – a new post added daily
  2. Last Week Today – posts transferred from Daily Word on a daily basis
  3. Former ‘Daily Word’ postings: Spiritual Appetizers | Daily Bible Study | Daily Spiritual Nutrition | Feeding Your Spirit
  4. Coming Soon (by 8/16/2014) ‘Bible Study Collection’ – will provide all of the above plus all of the Blogs (more detailed Bible Studies)

I am doing my best to develop this site into a place that you will go to dine or snack on God’s word! If you care to share your feelings, please comment at the end the pages or via email have a prosperous day!


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