Unwavering Hope and Faith

bible study

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Title: Unwavering Hope Unwavering Faith

Having and maintaining faith and hope in EVERY situation for many is a challenge and often difficult. For example: you might have faith that God will get you through financial hardships, but not a medical / health crisis.

When hardships, crisis or troubles come. Child of God stand on your faith in God and cry out to the Lord, He will hear you and deliver you out of ALL your troubles [Psalms 34:17; 46:1; 50:15; Romans 5:1-5]. Blessings and peace to you my friends in the mighty name of Jesus, have a good day–Tim.

Matthew 21:20-22 (WEY) When the disciples saw it they exclaimed in astonishment, “How instantaneously the fig-tree has withered away!”

21 “I solemnly tell you,” said Jesus, “that if you have an unwavering faith, you shall not only perform such a miracle as this of the fig-tree, but that even if you say to this mountain, `Be thou lifted up and hurled into the sea,’ it shall be done; 22 and everything, whatever it be, that you ask for in your prayers, if you have faith, you shall obtain.



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