Do You Know How to be Faithful? Can God Depend On You?

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Go to the latest Bible study on Faithfulness the fruit of the Spirit. Visit the Sound Truth Ministry website: the link to our website

Message in the picture:

“Do you know how to be faithful? Can God depend on you? – Faithfulness”
picture of san francisco bay at the golden gate for the faithfulness bible study

Scripture for the day:

2 Timothy 3:2-5 People will love themselves and money. They will have pride and tell of all the things they have done. They will speak against God. Children and young people will not obey their parents. People will not be thankful and they will not be holy.

3 They will not love each other. No one can get along with them. They will tell lies about others. They will not be able to keep from doing things they know they should not do. They will be wild and want to beat and hurt those who are good.

4 They will not stay true to their friends. They will act without thinking. They will think too much of themselves. They will love fun instead of loving God. 5 They will do things to make it look as if they are Christians. But they will not receive the power that is for a Christian. Keep away from such people. (NLV)

Thought for the day – Do you know how to be faithful? Can God depend on you?

Is your relationship with God broken? Do you struggle with your faith in God? The moral decay of this age is spoken of in the Scriptures 2 Timothy 3:2-5; James 5:5-8.

Often we lose sight of the real source of all things. We begin to rely more on our income, education and others and less on God. The more we depend on anything or anyone other than God, our trust in the Lord (if we had any) fades. Let us not forget that God is faithful and He wants us to be as He is, faithful.

Have a fantastic weekend. Blessings to you my friends ♥ Tim
NOTE: This is the summarized version of the full Bible study. Please go to the site and read / study the complete Bible study. To get access, the following link will take you there.
♥ Question for the day: Are you a faithful or faithless (unfaithful) person?

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