You Will Not Regret It If You Obey God

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Get the latest Bible Lesson: ‘Obey God Not People; You Will Never Regret It’.

picture of pacific coast for obey god not peopleMessage in the picture:

“Have no regrets – obey God”

Scripture and thought for the day:

Acts 5:29-32 To this Peter and the apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than people. The God of our ancestors raised Jesus, whom you put to death by hanging him on a cross.

It is this Jesus whom God has exalted to his right hand, to be a guide and a Savior, to give Israel repentance and forgiveness of sins. And we are witness to the truth of this, and so is the Holy Spirit — the gift of God to those who obey him.” (OEB)

Snippet from the lesson: We must obey God, not people

Is it okay to ignore God’s instructions to please people? When the rules or laws made by people conflict with God’s; do what God says.

The apostles did not back down. Their purpose was clear, be witnesses for Christ. Before Jesus left them, He reminded them ‘you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem’ (Acts 1:8; John 15:26-27).

Be blessed my friends and have a fantabulous day— Tim

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Question for the day: Do you obey God’s word or follow people’s choices in marriage, sexual relations and other matters in life?


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